Certified Nurse Assistants

Nurse Check the  Old ManOur Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are highly trained, certified professionals. CNAs can perform the same in-home care services as our Personal Care Providers (PCPs), plus the following skilled services:

  • Skin care
  • Medication assistance
  • Respiratory care, including oxygen level checks
  • Range of motion, including exercises and positioning
  • Catheter maintenance, including emptying bags, cleansing of the tubing and bags, perennial care and external catheter care
  • Toilet assistance / bladder and bowel care, including bed pan and/or urinal, incontinence care, stoma care
  • Ted hose / braces
  • Bladder / bowel care, including enemas
  • Wound care per Registered Nurse (RN) delegation and decubitus prevention care
  • Ambulation assistance, using crutches, walker, cane, wheelchair, and/or braces
  • Warm and Cool Applications per RN delegation
  • Bathing, using bed, tub or shower, including back rub
  • Positioning, including bed and/or wheelchair alignment
  • Dressing assistance, including application of anti-embolitic or other pressure stockings, orthopedic devices, such as splints, braces
  • Medication assistance, including putting medications in client’s hand/mouth when the client is physically unable, but can self-direct
  • Nail care
  • Personal hygiene, oral hygiene, dental care per RN assignment
  • Specimen collection such as urine, stool and sputum per RN assignment
  • Transfer assistance, including Hoyer lifts and other adaptive equipment
  • Vital signs (TPR/BP, weight) and report of abnormal findings to RN

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